Pete's Books Pete's Books Pass Me A Codeine Pete's very first published book, originally published in 1968, it has since been re-written for the modern market by Authorhouse. It tells the experience of Pete whilst working as a Nursing Attendant in The RAF in the Fifties. It is now a part of 'The Haven Grandiflora! Experience. 196115940 Tales of Widgeripoo Pete's first children's book, published by Hamilton & Co in 1999 is a riot of word-play and puns. Now a collector's item 196115924 Tales of Widgeripoo (Republished) A Republished and revamped version of Tales of Widgeripoo published in 2004 by Central Publishing 196116154 Tales of Widgeripoo Too: The Else's Great Adventure The sequal to Tales of Widgeripoo, published with the republishing of the first book by Central Publishing in 2004 196115820 Haven Grandiflora! Book One: The Seeds of Life The first volume of Pete's massive biography, published by Authorhouse in 2006, and telling the story of his life and the formation of The magic Oak Tree Family (MOTF) This volume tells of his early years, before the MOTF was formed. 196117077 Haven Grandiflora! Book Two: The Tree & The Wall In the second volume of this massive work, Pete tells the story of the formation of The Magic Oak Tree Family in Stevenage in 1968, and how one of the girls got a vision of some 'Little Blue Men trying to Cut Down The Magic Oak Tree'. 196117041 Haven Grandiflora! Book Three: Strange Days! In the third volume of this amazing series of books, Pete tells of the 'Dark Week' when members of the Family gained supernatural Powers, and an astral battle began between Pete's Family and Charles Manson's Evil Family. It reads like a horror story, - but it is very very real! 196117042 This Garden Earth Pete's first environmental book, published by Able Publishing n 2005. The result of over 60 years research and experience. 196116075 Vandals In The Garden Published by Able Publishing in 2006, this follow-up to This Garden Earth, shows the extend of Mankind's thoughtless destruction of everythingl around him, including his own kind. Not for the faint-hearted! 196116191 The Secret of Bedside Manor This is Pete's third children's book published in 2009 by Authorhouse,, and is a spoof on all those Dracula Tales. Beloved by old and young alike 196115925 The Saints In Paradise Pete's fourth children's book is a take of what happens when a group of Jazz-Rock Musicians get blown up by a bomb in a nightclub, and introduce Rock 'n' Roll to Paradise! This actually began as an animated movie script for Pete's Filmart Studios in 1957. 196116357