Pete & Nikki on TV Pete & Nikki on TV Midsomer Murders 'They Seek Him Here' Our loving couple were cast together as actors filming a new production of The French Reveolution - but someone really DOES get beheaded! 196102196 Midsomer Murders 'Left For Dead' Nikki & Pete were cast in characxter, as environmentalists demonstrating about a new road through the countryside in the episode of the popular UK TV series. 196102089 Midsomer Murders: Rare Bird Nikki & Pete play bird watchers in this episode of the popular UK TV Drama series 196170093 Midsomer Murders: Rare Bird Pete & Nikki play keen bird watchers in this episode of the popular UK TV series 196170094 Midsomer Murders: Stumped out Here's Pete on set outside 'the Cricketers' Pub in the last Midsomer featuring John Nettles 196169965 Midsomer Murders: The Sleeper on The Hill Pete and Nikki played Druids in this episode of the popular UK TV series, - the first featuring Neil Dudgeon 196170081 Hotel Babylon Our couple played Sci-Fi fans in this episode of the popular UK TV Series, with Denise Van Outen. 196105979 The Morgana Show TV Star Morgana Robinson gets to kiss Pete in this episode of the comedy series, where Pete plays a redneck 196106061 Oliver Twist, BBC1 Television Pete plays an old gent whom The Artful Dodger bumps into on his way to warn Fagin (Timothy Spall) that the Peelers are after him. 196106141 Odd One In Pete with another featured artiste in 'Odd One In', hosted by Bradley Walsh. Pete had to pretend to be on a pogo stick in this episode, and panellist Peter Andre shook Pete's hand and said he thought Pete was going to pass out, as he put in so much effort in to the effect! 196170226