Pete & Nikki Documentaries Pete & Nikki Documentaries Age-Gap Love Here is a write-up about the TV programme 'She's 78, He's 39 - Age-Gap Love' 195979815 Age-gap Love Here are Pete and Nikki being interviewed in the TV Documentary, 'She's 78, He's 39 - Age-Gap Love' 195979816 This Morning This is Pete and Nikki appearing on TV programme 'This Morning' with Fern Brittan and Philip Schofield 195979630 John Bishop's Britain This is our intrepid pair appearing on The TV Comedy series 'John Bishop's Britain' talking about Love and Marriage 195980057 Pete & Nikki in The YouTube documantary series 'Talking Heads' Filmed and produced by Rich Smyth, this follows Pete Perry's life up until he met his present wife, Nikki, who is 37 years his junior 196033205